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Read Dog Articles by Dr. Shruti Bhattacharya to Learn About Dog Behavior, Health, Food, Dog Care, Dog Psychology, Dog Training


Know more about dog training
All you need to know about the process of dog training and how to train your dog.
Know more about dog psychology
Why do dogs behave the way they do? Dog psychology helps you understand your dog better
Know more about dog care
Dog care process simplified. Articles focus on diet, nutrition, supplement, health and diseases
Understand the care process, needs, psychology, and training requirements of individual dog breeds.



Hello lovely dog parents.

I am Dr. Shruti Bhattacharya.

I am here to solve all the problems you may face as a dog guardian. I have started this blog with the aim to provide dog lovers all across the world, with the best dog care guide available on the basis of scientific research as well as my personal experiences.I am mom to a beautiful boy, Delta Bunny, and to 15 foster dogs who live in my society but are under my love and care. I am responsible for showering them with love, solving their internal feuds, training them in basic commands, understanding their unspoken and unmet requirements, and finally, taking care of their medical needs.
The author of The Happy Puppers

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