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Valentine’s Day celebration ideas with pup

Amazing ways to spend valentine's day with your dog

Amazing ways to spend valentine's day with your dog

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This year spend Valentine’s Day with your dogs and make it extra special for all of you.

Your furry baby loves you 24/7 of the 365 days a year. You are their whole world. You may have other people in your life, but in their life, you are the only one. So, this upcoming Valentine’s Day, make life amazing not only for yourself and your loved one but also for your adorable pup. You know you love them to the moon and back. Why not use this eve to show them exactly how much?
Here, I have come up with a list of some super special Valentine’s Day activities you can share with your dogs and make this 14th February extra memorable:

Do what your pup loves most: No one knows what your pup loves to do better than you. This Valentine’s Day, engage in their favourite activities with them. My boy is an absolute cuddle bug and loves to be kissed. So this Valentine’s Day I am going to smother him with more kisses than I can count.

Lot’s of together playtime: Do the thing that your pups love most. Spend time with them. Play fetch, make them chase you, tug of war, treasure hunt etc. Make the day extra special by providing loads of engagement to your boy/girl. 

Make or order Valentine’s day special doggie treats: We all know that our fur kids are a die-hard fan of treats. Why not order special pup-cakes, dog-friendly cake or treats from the pet bakery shop? Or even better, you can make them at home. There are so many recipes for dog treats and cakes available online with a variety of ingredients, ranging from simple to complex. Pick and choose anyone you like and get baking. If you have never baked before, I’d advise you to do a trial run once before Valentine’s Day so that everything goes picture pawfect on the special day.

Pictures, pictures and lots of pictures: A special day can never be complete without clicking a ton of pictures. So get your camera/ DSLR/ smartphone out, get that selfie stick and start clicking away. You can even do a full week Valentine photoshoot. Start clicking random pictures a week before and continue till Valentine’s Day. You can either get a professional photographer or take the pictures yourself whichever way you prefer. Later on, you can use all these pictures to make a beautiful collage and hang it on the wall.

Pictures are never enough
Your dog will feel amazingly fresh after a spa day

Go to the beach


Now that you have so many ideas which you can use to make your Valentine’s Day or any day extra special with your pup, let me know in the comments section which idea you loved the most and what are your plans for this 14th February. If you have some ideas which are not listed here, feel free to put them down in the comment section and share with all of us
I would like to thank you for taking time off and reading this blog post and also for taking such amazing care of your fur baby. 
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