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15 tips towards shiny dog coat

15 tips to keep your dog's coat shiny

Shiny coat is an important part of good dog care. Check out these 15 amazing tips to keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy.

Grooming is a very important process of dog care. Probably the most important part of grooming is to keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy. Shiny coat also indicates that your dog is in good health. Is there is a secret to getting your dog’s coat shiny? As I mentioned before, caring for the fur is the primary part of dog care and grooming. However, it does not just stop at grooming. Read the entire article to find a collection of factors which contribute to your dog’s shiny coat and what you can do to ensure that the coat stays shiny and healthy

Here are a few tips which you can use to give your dog a shiny coat:

Give your dog the nutrition he or she needs

The first step in gaining a shiny coat is to provide the proper diet which includes all superfoods to give your dog a complete nutrition. Why is nutrition important for a healthy coat? In case your dog is lacking in any of the key nutrition factors, the first place the deficiency will show up is his or her skin and fur.

To give your dog a proper nutrition, make your dog eat plenty of foods rich in omega-3 and omega six fatty acids. If the food you give to your dog is not rich in the above-mentioned nutrients, you can also go for commercial supplements which are available in the market in either a capsule or liquid form for your dog.

Keep your dog's coat shiny

Provide Your dog high grade treats

If you do not wish to give your dog omega-3 oils, give your dog high grade treats in small quantities spread out over the day. Specially go for treats rich in supplements and nutrients which will make your dog’s hair shiny and glossy. Remember to read the labels on the treats and food which you give your dog.

Give your dog eggs

Eggs are definitely superfoods for a shiny coat. You can add cooked eggs to your dog’s diet. Do not give your dog raw eggs or raw egg shells as this can cause salmonella poisoning. You can either give eggs to your dog in boiled or scramble from. Before starting eggs as a regular food to your dog’s diet, make sure that your dog is not allergic to eggs

Herbal supplements are a great option

You can give your dog herbal supplements like horsetail which is rich in silica content. Silica helps in keeping your dog’s coat, bones as well as skin healthy. Other supplement like spirulina contains a lot of protein and vitamin B. If you are thinking to start your dog on herbal supplements, consult with your veterinarian first and decide on the dosage.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a super oil for dogs. It can be used both as a topical ointment as well as an internal healer. Antibacterial properties of coconut oil help fight infections and keep your dog healthy. You can either massage your dog’s fur with coconut oil for a few minutes to allow the moisture to get locked in, or you can also administer coconut oil in your dog’s diet. A teaspoon of coconut oil every day will keep your dog’s coat looking and feeling healthy. Coconut oil can also be added to your dog shampoo just before you shampoo him or her.

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Oatmeal bath

If your dog is constantly scratching, an oatmeal bath can be a great option. Oatmeal bath can allow soothing of the four and skin and prevent your dog from further scratching. Ground the oatmeal and add it to warm water for 5 to 10 minutes. Use this water to bathe your dog.

Baking soda

Just sprinkle some baking soda on your dog’s fur and spread it. Baking soda will relieve any sunburn as well as itching and keep the parasites away. You can also add some baking soda to your dog’s shampoo and use it to give your dog a bath. You can also use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar and rub it thoroughly on the coat of your dog. This can act as an amazing parasite repellant and keep your dog’s coat shiny and clean.

Epsom salts

Directly sprinkle some Epsom salts on the hotspots [if your dog has any]. The magnesium present in Epsom salts helps to soothe the redness and inflammation. You can also allow your dog to soak in the bath which contains slightly warm water with a cup of Epsom salts dissolved in it. This will not only help to relieve sore muscles, it will also promote healthy skin and coat shine.

Set up a regular grooming appointment

Regular grooming is a very important part of dog care. Regular grooming gets rid of all the dead cells, hair and make your dog feel fresh. You can either choose to set up a grooming appointment with your local salon or you can groom your dog yourself. If you decide to groom your dog yourself, there are a few things you must know before you start with grooming.

Bathe your dog at regular intervals

Depending on the breed of your dog, you should bathe your dog at regular intervals. However, do not bathe your dog more than it is necessary because that can lead to leaching out of the essential oils from your dog’s coat and cause the coat to look dry and dull.

In case you do not have time to give your dog a complete bath, you can also use dry shampoo. Dry shampoos are a great way to give the dog’s coat a quick freshening up in between baths.

Brush the coat on a daily basis

As I mentioned in the post which focuses on DIY grooming of dogs, regular brushing is very important to keep the fur looking healthy and shiny. Brushing your dog’s coat every day allows for proper circulation. It also removes any dead hair as well as skin cells which might be on your dog’s skin and fur. If the dead hair and cells are not removed, they can cause matting in future. Therefore, a proper brushing technique and a regular brushing is very important to keep your dog’s coat healthy. Remember to brush in the direction the hair grows as well as in the opposite direction to get the loose hair strands out. Brushing also gives you a chance to check your dog’s skin for the presence of any fleas or ticks.

Along with a normal brush, use a de-shedding brush on your dog. De-shedding brushes help to remove any loose fur or leaves which may have got caught in the fur while your dog was playing outside.

Use the right kind of shampoo for your dog

When you give your dog a bath, always go for a shampoo which would match your dog’s skin and fur type. If your dog has dry skin, he or she might need a moisturizing shampoo to fight the flaky and itchy skin troubles. If your dog is having a flea or tick problem, go for an anti-flea or anti-tick shampoo. When choosing a shampoo for your dog, try to go for natural and herbal products as these do not contain harsh chemicals as compared to the non-herbal products.

In the market you will find shampoos which are specific for young dogs, detangling shampoos which can replenish the natural oils, deodorizing shampoos specific for pups who tend to get really dirty by having wrestling match with mud puddles etc. it is favorable if you choose to go for a shine boosting shampoo rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins.

Buy a fast-drying towel for your pup:

When you take your dog out of his or her bath, dry him or her with a towel with extra absorbent properties. These towels allow you to absorb more of the water from your dog compared to normal towels allowing your dog’s coat to dry easily and quickly.

Avoid any moisture accumulation on the fur and skin of your dog

Those dogs who love swimming or getting wet in the rain should be dried thoroughly and carefully to prevent any kind of fungal or ringworm infections. After using your dog to completely dry your dog’s fur, apply a bit of a bob scented doggy talcum powder or cornstarch in between your dog’s folds to help absorb the remaining moisture and allow the skin to dry faster

Avoid room heaters

in case you observe that your dog’s coat has become very dry and brittle, your roommate the might be the reason. If your dog is always resting near the rents of the heater during the winter season, this can have a negative effect on his or her court. Try to keep your dog away from the room heaters went. You can put a sweater on your dog to help make him or her feel warm.

Check out this homemade shiny dog spray recipe

This is a fairly easy recipe to make

Ingredients needed:

In a vessel, boil water and remove from heat once it has achieved boiling state. Add Rosemary and lavender leaves as well as vinegar and let the mixture steep for a few hours. Strain the mixture and store it in a spray bottle. Use this spray on your dog’s coat after bath time.

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Consult your veterinarian.

If your dog is still not gaining a healthy fur coat for despite of you having tried all of the above-mentioned tips, it is probably time that you consult your veterinarian. Ask your veterinarian about how you can give your dog a shiny coat. Sometimes, there is a chance that your dog’s dry coat could be the reason of an underlying medical issue. Dogs suffering from allergies often suffer from itchy skin as well. The only way you will know if there is an underlying medical problem is if you talk to your vet.


It does not matter what your dog’s age, breed, or size is. As a dog guardian, you always want your dogs to look their best. A dog with a shiny coat is a happy and healthy dog as your dog’s coat can tell a lot about his or her heath. If you follow the above-mentioned tips on a regular basis, your dog’s coat will look amazing and your boy or girl the great too.

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