Tips for proper puppy socialization

Tips for proper puppy socialization

Why puppy socialization?

This is one of the first training the puppy should undergo.

Tips for puppy socialization

1. Daily walks are crucial

-Provides new sights and sounds for your dog to register -Makes your dog more comfortable with the environment around him.

2. Expose to following

– Unfamiliar people or dressing styles – Boots, jackets, shoes, sunglasses, hats, etc – Body touching (paws, ears, tail, etc.) – Urban environment – Parks, woods, beaches, and other bodies of water

3. Puppy school

Dog training classes like puppy schools and daycares are the perfect place to meet other dog guardians, exchange tips, and socialize your puppy.

4. Take plenty of treats along

Anytime your dog shows a positive response, offer a treat to your dog. The anticipation of a treat will make your dog engage in more positive social behavior.

5. Take your dog to the dog park

The different sounds, sights, smells, etc., will challenge the senses of your dog. The presence of other dogs, humans, kids, etc. will challenge your pup’s socialization skills.

6. Exercise caution

Always let your dogs get acquainted with one another before they are allowed to play together. Even when you do allow your dogs to play together, keep a strict eye on them.

7. Practice regularly

Give your dog ample opportunities to interact with other dogs, humans, strangers, other companion animals, etc.