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How to know whether you need the help of a dog trainer to train your dog

Are you finding it difficult to train your dog? This article will help you to Find the Best Dog Trainer

Dogs have always been complicated creatures. Even though they have been domesticated for a while now, they still have some of their animal instincts intact. These animal instincts of dogs can lead to unpleasant, rebellious, and aggressive behavior. All dogs require training, whether for housebreaking or more severe issues like stopping puppy nipping behavior, excessive barking, excessive howling, etc. No dog is untrainable. But, sometimes, our approach is not the right one. Under such conditions, a dog trainer can help. In this article, I will discuss signs that would indicate that you need a dog trainer.

 Some basic training can be done right at home, like housebreaking, crate training, etc. There is also a ton of information available on the Internet that can be used to train your dog further. However, if minor flaws are ignored during the puppyhood stages, they can become major behavioral issues later on. During the puppy stages, these problems may not seem to be huge. However, later, they can lead to potentially dangerous situations. Instead of regretting later, it is better to get the help of a trainer before the problem completely sets in.


Do you need a dog trainer?

Do you need a dog trainer: subtopics covered in this post


Many dogs require supervision and training from professional trainers. A dog trainer can help you train your dog and get him ready to face a variety of scenarios like greeting people, not pulling on the leash, behaving in public, etc. Whether you are short on time and do not have time to train your dog or face difficulty mastering a specific type of training, a dog trainer can help.

 One of the specific signs that you need the help of a dog behaviorist or trainer is that your training method is not being effective. The simplest way to find a good dog trainer is by conducting a Google search or asking for recommendations from other dog parents.

 Another scenario where the help of a dog trainer might be needed is when your dog is misbehaving in your absence. This may be due to separation anxiety. However, this behavior cannot be allowed to continue since it can not only harm your property but it can also harm your dog and lead to a life-threatening situation.


 Here are some of the common signs that would tell you that you require the services of a dog trainer as soon as possible.


Training your dog requires regularity and patience

Signs you need a dog trainer to help with your dog’s training:


Extreme destructive behavior

Dog lovers are okay with losing a couple of shoes during the initial stages of puppy training. You have to train your dog not to chew on specific items. However, if this unwanted chewing behavior is beyond what you can handle and your training methods are not working on your pup, you need help. Suppose your dog is chewing up the window blinds, drapes, furniture, containers, and other items that are strictly prohibited. In that case, you need the assistance of a dog trainer. 

 Some chewing behavior is a part of the puppyhood stages. Still, even after your puppy turns into a full-grown dog, he may continue to display chewing and destructive behavior. Under such conditions, it is better to opt for a dog trainer to understand where you might be going wrong in the training process.




Excessive barking

 I have written a previous blog post on reducing excessive barking in your dog. Barking is a natural response in dogs. When your dog hears a stimulus like the opening of the gate or if they notice the mailman passing through the window, barking would be considered normal behavior. Some dogs also bark to designate playtime. However, if your dog does not stop barking once he starts, the barking goes on for extended periods of time, the dog barks when put in the crate or isolated from you, etc., it is a sign of separation anxiety and excessive barking behavior. This behavior needs correction. Therefore, you need help from a certified dog trainer.


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Separation anxiety

 As I mentioned before, disruptive behavior and excessive barking are signs of separation anxiety. However, if your dog starts to show symptoms of anxiousness when you are getting ready to leave, like putting on clothes, doing your maker, picking up the keys or jacket, wearing shoes, it is a sign that the dog is suffering from separation anxiety. 

 Your dog is happy when you are with him. However, when you leave your dog and go, he may experience intense levels of anxiousness. Your dog will become hyperactive, destroy property, defecate indoors, etc. Your dog may also try to escape from the house and find you. Such behavior can lead to extremely dangerous situations that may even be life-threatening to your dog. Thus, if your pup is showing signs of separation anxiety, you need to consult a dog trainer as soon as possible.



Aggressive behavior

 If your dog shows hostile behavior towards a specific person or for no apparent cause, you need the help of a dog trainer. For example, your dog meets with other dogs in the dog park. However, in a few minutes, your dog snaps, starts to growl, barks, and tries to bite other dogs. Under such conditions, you need to consult a certified dog trainer or a dog behaviorist as soon as possible. Such behavior is not normal for dogs. If your dog is being hostile towards kids, other dogs, or any of the family members, you need help. You can also go for dog socialization class to help your dog interact with other dogs. 




Is not housetrained

A few accidents here and there can be expected. If your dog is ill, he may also defecate in the house. That is perfectly okay. However, if your dog is regularly peeing and pooping indoors, that is not acceptable. If you have already tried to train your dog and he still poops indoors, it is a sign that you need help from a good dog trainer. 


 A professional dog trainer will guide you through the housetraining phases and help you troubleshoot any of the problems that you might face. They will also help you identify if your dog has a medical problem causing him to poop inside closed doors. Your trainer can also help you identify if your dog has behavior other behavioral issues like urine marking and submissive urination.


Your dog does not follow basic commands.

 Every dog must know basic commands like sit, come, stay, and finally, leash training. If you are struggling with these simple commands or if it seems that your dog is purposefully not listening to you., you need to get a consultation from a certified dog trainer. This is crucial if your pup is not leashed trained. The absence of proper leash training can lead to a very dangerous situation in the future. Your dog may drag you across the street just because he decided to chase a squirrel. Even if your dog belongs to a small breed, they must know how to properly walk on a leash. A dog trainer can help you identify your mistakes in the training procedure and can provide you guidance if your dog is facing difficulty in following your commands.



Recall problem

 It may seem insignificant at times that your dog does not respond to you when you call him. However, the absence of recall training and lead to serious problems in the future. If there is an emergency and your dog refuses to come to you, it can lead to a life-threatening situation for both you and your dog. If your dog escapes from the house and wanders down the street, a recall command can help you bring your dog back and prevent him from getting hit by a car.




 Jumping is a very common method that dogs use to express their affection and excitement. However, jumping can also be dangerous in certain situations. Suppose your dog greets everyone by jumping on them. This is not good behavior. Not everyone prefers the jumping behavior of dogs. If your dog is a large one, this can be dangerous. Your dog may jump on someone and knock him or her down, especially old people and young kids. Therefore, you need to train your dog not to jump and greet people. The best way to greet people is by sitting. However, if you are facing difficulty in training your dog to not engage in this behavior, you need a dog trainer’s help.

Signs you need a dog trainer

Resource guarding

 Whether it is your dog’s favorite bone or his favorite meal, you should easily be able to take things from your dog and give it back. Resource guarding is 1 issue that is faced by many dog parents. If your dog is displaying resource guarding towards anything, whether it is a bone, food, treat, toy, chair, bed, couch, etc., you need to get the help of a trainer. If your dog is displaying such behavioral issues, there are chances that your dog will go to any lengths to protect the item. Your dog may also bite someone in the process. Therefore, this behavior needs to be corrected quickly. You can either get help from a dog trainer or dog behaviorist for this behavior.


Excessive leash pulling

 When your dog was a puppy, leash pulling was not a big deal to you. You could easily control your dog, even if he pulled the hardest. However, when your dog grew up and became a full-grown adult dog, leash pulling behavior can be extremely dangerous, dragging you across the street. Dragging you is not only inconvenient, but it can also cause you major injury. Furthermore, you are not controlling your dog if your dog is displaying such behavior. 

 The walk should occur as per your instructions, not as per your dog’s. Even if you can control the leash and your dog’s behavior when on walks, heavy leash pulling will lead to you spraining your shoulder and your dog is straining his muscles for no reason. This is a serious issue, both for you and your dog. Therefore, get the help of a certified dog trainer at the earliest.




 Bolting is a common issue that many dog parents have to face. Bolting is a serious problem since it puts the safety of your dog and the general public at risk. Suppose your dog has a habit of escaping or running out of the house the moment the door opens. In that case, he may run into traffic and get into an accident or even sustain serious injuries. On the other hand, your dog may escape from the house, get spooked by something, and assault your neighbor, mailman, or anyone who is in the way. Thus, this behavior needs to be rectified as soon as possible.


You’re at your wits end with the process of dog training

You are at your wit’s end.

 Sometimes it may happen that no matter how many books you read, how many dog training videos you watch, you are still not able to train your dog the right way. It may occur because:


Under such conditions, the guardians do not understand where the problem lies, but they face constant difficulty in training their dogs. If such a situation escalates, guardians leave their dogs in a shelter. However, it is not the fault of your dog that you are not being able to train him in the right manner. In most cases, the owner lacks the expertise needed to train the dog in the first place. It is perfectly fine. 


You don’t have to be the best at everything you do. If you have a time crunch or a finding it hard to properly train your dog, you should secure the help of a dog trainer. A dog trainer will most likely train you first and then train your dog so that your relationship with your dog becomes harmonious.


How to find a dog trainer?

 There are many ways to search for a dog trainer. In today’s world where everything is online, all you must do is to go to google and type:

Any of the following phrases to look for a dog trainer:


If you are looking to train yourself and become a better trainer for  your dog, then type:


If you are looking for puppy schools, then type:

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 There is no shame or embarrassment in requesting help when you need it. What should have the first and foremost place in your mind is the safety of your dog. The above-mentioned commands are very simple to teach. It may not take more than a few sessions for your trainer to train you and your dog in the correct way of communication so that your dog starts to respond to your commands. If you are making any mistakes, your trainer will let you know that and correct your behavior. Therefore, a dog trainer will not only interact with your dog, but he will interact with you as well.




Before you finalize a trainer for your dog, you need to run them through certain checks. This will help reassure you that your precious child will be handled with the utmost love and care and the training methods they are using for your dog are the right ones. If you are interested in reading ‘how to select the best dog trainer,’ subscribe to The Happy Puppers, so I can notify you the moment the above-mentioned blog post releases. Check out the YouTube channel if you prefer to watch videos over reading blog posts.


If you have any queries about this blog post or any others in my blog, please reach out on any of the social media channels or email me about the same. If you want me to blog about anything specific or wish to share your experiences, please mention it in the comment section below. I look forward to reading your comments.


See you in my next blog post.


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